I Will Guest Post On 20 Vape Sites

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I run 20 vape sites on which I can give you guest posts.

Key Features

These are real vape sites built from very powerful expired vape-related domains with excellent metrics.
Each site has a real domain and not a subdomain and is hosted on a separate host with a different IP address and a unique theme.
I only publish quality guest posts on these websites and do not accept spun or low quality content.
DO FOLLOW and PERMANENT backlinks.
One link per article.
Superb domain authority, trust and citation flow.
All pages are indexed with the search engines.
All work is 100% manual.

What I will need from you:

For each website, I will need you to write or hire someone to write an article that is at least 1,000 words long, unique and non-plagiarised and written to a high standard of English with Heading and sub-headings. You will also need to produce a custom cover image with dimensions 1800 x 1000. Please save each article in a Word document and add 1 link inside the article (or two if you purchased an extra gig).


These backlinks are enough to rank your site for some of the most competitive keywords. All guest posts are quality and these sites are 100% safe and permanent.

Please read the submission guidelines here (they are applicable to all of the sites):


Please send me your articles along with the graphics for however many websites you have ordered.

I will then publish your articles on each site and send you the links

How will these guest posts help me?

These guest posts will help you to rank for some of the most competitive keywords. Each vape site was build from powerful expired vape domains that were run as businesses and hence, they have a lot of quality vape-related backlinks. We are continuing to build quality backlinks to these site

Are these backlinks safe?

They are as safe as they get. I do not publish low quality or spun content because such sites will ultimately get penalised and de-indexed by the major search engines. My sites contain only quality content and will pass a manual review at any time! All sites have unique IPs, themes and hosting.

On what subjects can my articles be?

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0 on May 9, 2020

Hello Another level

im looking for content generated editorial cannabis/cbd/vape niche opportunities for my client,,i  would normally commission a piece with a writer,so you seem like the perfect niche specific distribution i need..,,i am a eComs s.e.o/content marketing entrepreneur..

 i look forward to your reply,,,can you send me the links,,as i have to check there DA rank,,,client will only accept DA40+ opportunities and of course only cannabis/cbd/vape niche…so i am hopeing for a good mix within these niches from your vape website list,,as i may have more cannabis/cbd/vape clients with regular orders if you have the placements i need

thanks another level, get back to me at your very earliest convenience

speak soon


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0 on February 26, 2021

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