I Will Publish Your Guest Post On Cryptocurrency Blockchain Mag

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I will publish your site on Blockchain Life Mag, a cryptocurrency and technology online mag.

In addition, I can also publish you guest posts on the following sites:

Vape Life Mag
CBD Life Mag
All Vape Stores
All CBD Stores
Fashion Life Mag
Fitness Life Mag
Latest Law Jobs
Yoggys Money Vault

These sites are subject to availability / my access to them

Peaches and Screams UK
Wow It Love It Have It
The Eliquid Boutique
Creative Bear Tech

You will need to write and send me an article for each site. You will need to tailor your cryptocurrency topics to the theme of each site. For example, for Fashion Life Mag, you would have to write about crypto in the context of the fashion industry. Each article must be 100% unique and not published elsewhere, at least 1,500 to 3,500 words long and written in flawless English to the highest standards. No junk will be published. You will also need to create your own graphics and photos. We do not republish what is published elsewhere.

All sites have stellar metrics and different hosts and IP addresses. These are real sites, not junk PBNs or spammy sites. 1 Link per article.

How will this gig help my site?

You have an opportunity to publish crypto related articles on many sites and have your link inside the context of crypto articles. These guest posts will give you backlinks which will help you with the SERP rankings and drive targeted readers to your site.

Which package do you recommend?

Premium plus all extras. This gig will allow you to get backlinks with keyword driven anchor text. These links are the best types of links you could possibly wish for. These backlinks are 100% safe and effective for the long term. They are algorithm proof.


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Thanks for this interesting information!

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