I Will Contact All Vape And Cbd Stores With Your Offer

Updated on January 21, 2021 in SEO Chat
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With this service, I will research and contact vape and CBD stores manually via their contact forms. This is a manual and time consuming process which will take about 30 days to complete. Nevertheless, it is the best way of promoting your offer or service to other CBD or vape stores. You can use this service to promote your wholesale products, reach out for guest posting opportunities and much more.

Once you place an order, you will need to send me your company details. All replies to the enquiries will be automatically sent to your inbox.

A good thing about contact form submissions is that they have a 95% delivery rate.

As part of my extra offering, I can also send e-mails to over 40,000 vape and CBD stores.

If you would like, for best results, you can repeat this outreach at a discounted rate.

I have already performed this job for vape and cbd product wholesalers and overall, the success rate has been very high. We managed to achieve an average of 20 sales per campaign and about a 20% response rate, which is incredibly good. If you repeat the campaign, these numbers would go up.


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Do you know is CBD oil legal in uk ? A friend of mine recommended this oil to me because I have become very nervous lately, but I’m not sure if it is legal. Can you advise me on sources where I can read that this oil is legal and I can use it without harm to myself?

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