I Will Give You A Global Cbd And Vape Shop Database With Emails

Updated on June 13, 2020 in SEO Chat
1 on August 12, 2019

I have scraped an entire database of all CBD and vape shops in the world using my custom built search engine scraper. I know for a fact that my global vape shop database is the most complete and accurate collection of cbd and vape shops in the world since I have been employed to create it for companies that sell these databases. I have used my software to pull vape shop details from the search engines, business directories, maps and over 5 social media channels. It does not get any better than that!

The vape store list comes in an Excel file and contains vape shop names, emails, addresses, tel numbers, social media links and much more.

The database is global and it covers virtually the entire of the world: USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Russia and CIS, etc.

All data is GDPR compliant.

Perfect for all forms of B2B marketing.

Approximately, there are over 20,000 cbd and vape shops globally (the number fluctuates with updates).

I recommend the email list from the extras section as it is more expansive and ideal for newsletter marketing.


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0 on June 13, 2020

Hello! Wow! I think you’re the one I’m looking for! I am looking for where to buy the best cannabis oil. I think you can help me, because there are many on the Internet who simply advertise their product. And since you say that you tried a lot where to order, then your experience will help me understand this issue. I would be very grateful for the feedback.

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