I Will Create Boosted Vape Backlinks On Powerful Vape Blogs

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I can create up to 3,000 vape backlinks on 3,000 different vape blogs with insanely powerful metrics. This service will help you to rank your vape/CBD site for your set of keywords on the search engines. These back-links have been tried and tested on over 100 vape sites and work perfectly every time.

Key Features

  • Very powerful vape blogs with domain authority ranging from 30 to 70!
  • Unique and vape-related content is used for every blog post
  • Contextual backlinks (your links will appear within a vape-related article on each blog)
  • Do follow and permanent links: will pass on a lot of link juice to your site
  • Each site is hosted on a different server with a unique IP address

What I need from you

  • Your website
  • Between 10 to 50 keywords you would like to rank for
  • You can send me a list of your images and videos to embed (please send me the actual image urls by right-clicking on each image and copying the image url address). This will help us to rank your videos and images on the search engines too!


I recommend the premium gig with all the extras for best results. The vaping niche has become very competitive.

Once all the work is done, you will get a list of all urls.

How will these backlinks help my site?

These vape-related backlinks will help your site to rank higher on the search engines for your set of keywords. This will result in more traffic and subsequently, more sales.

How do you index the backlinks?

I create social media posts for each backlink to get them crawled and indexed by the search engines in a completely natural and white hat way. I usually drip feed the backlinks to the indexers on a daily basis.

How often should I purchase your backlinks?

I recommend that you purchase my package at least once every month. The backlink creation process is an ongoing exercise. Remember, your competitors will be investing in backlinks very often and in order to maintain your rankings, you should do the same.

What other SEO services do you recommend for my vape/CBD site?

I recommend all the gigs that I offer. Usually, I provide all of my gigs to clients in a single package. However, I have broken down my entire SEO package into individual services to allow clients to choose what they need at this moment in time.

Are your backlinks safe?

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Thanks for this interesting information!

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The statement “I Will Create Boosted Vape Backlinks On Powerful Vape Blogs” can be broken down into several key components:

  1. Backlinks: Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another. In the context of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), backlinks are crucial. They act as a signal to search engines that your website is trustworthy and authoritative. When reputable websites link to your site, it can improve your search engine rankings.

  2. Vape Blogs: These are websites or online platforms that focus on content related to vaping. They may cover topics such as vaping products, reviews, industry news, health information, and more.

  3. Powerful Vape Blogs: In this context, “powerful” likely refers to vape blogs that have a high domain authority, a strong online presence, and a large audience. Backlinks from such blogs can carry more SEO weight because search engines consider them to be more authoritative sources.

  4. Create Boosted Vape Backlinks: This suggests that the person offering this service will generate backlinks to your vaping-related website from these powerful vape blogs. These backlinks are intended to help boost your website’s SEO performance.

Here’s what this statement means in practical terms:

The person or service provider is offering to create backlinks for your vaping-related website. They will do this by placing hyperlinks to your website on influential vape blogs. By doing so, they aim to improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. This can potentially lead to more organic (unpaid) traffic to your site, which is valuable for businesses and websites in the vaping industry.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of such a service can vary. The quality of the blogs, the relevance of the backlinks, and the overall SEO strategy all play a role in determining the impact of these backlinks on your website’s rankings. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that any SEO tactics used comply with search engine guidelines to avoid penalties.

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