I Will Create A Lead Generation Vape Or Cbd Website For You

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2 on June 2, 2019

Here is how it all works.

1) I will create a simple landing page with your contact details, a call now button, a nice background image and a short description of your business;

2) I will then create around 5,000 to 10,000 pages with unique content optimised for your keyword and every single post / zip code area in your city. For example, vape shop in Knightsbridge SW1, vape shop in Canary Wharf E15 London. The idea is to get each landing site ranking for local search terms. Local search terms are usually very easy to rank for and they are great for getting quality leads. Just imagine if you could get every single vaper to come to your vape shop in your local area! I can get this done.

3) I then add an overlay of the landing page. When a person runs a “vape store near [address]” search on the search engines, he will come across your landing page site and see your landing page rather than the actual page.

This package works very well for local CBD and vape businesses. It is 100% safe and spam free. Moreover, it is something that truly works magic and can boost your customer base in no time!

Please send me the following details:

1) your website
2) your social media links
3) your full address and telephone number
4) your company name
5) whether you want to buy the expired domain extra?
6) About your company in 200 words;
7) a high resolution picture of your vape shop or company to be used as the background of the landing page.


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0 on March 2, 2021

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0 on April 15, 2021

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