I Will Give You Hemp And Cbd Shop Database

Updated on February 25, 2021 in SEO Chat
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I have scraped my own database of practically all hemp and cbd online shops, wholesalers and manufacturers from virtually all the sources you can think of: maps, search engines, business directories and social media platforms. I use the Search Engine Scraper by Creative Bear Tech to scrape these CBD and hemp shop leads on my kick-ass powerful dedicated server.

Currently, the database contains roughly 5,000 entries with e-mails, websites, addresses, tel numbers and social media profile links. This number is constantly growing as new CBD stores spring up.

I use my database for sending promotional e-mails, social media campaigns, guest posting and affiliate marketing. You can get your hands on this powerful database of CBD stores for a fraction of the price.

The B2B leads come in an Excel spreadsheet and are GDPR compliant.

If you want, I can even sell you a copy of the Search Engine Scraper by Creative Bear Tech so that you can scrape your own leads from as many niches as you want!


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