I Will Publish Your Guest Post In A Fashion Magazine

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About This Gig

I will publish your guest post in Fashion Life Mag.

You will need to send me your article in a word file. The article must be 100% unique and non-plagiarised and written to the highest standards of English language. We do not publish junk or low quality content. Each article must be at least 1,500 to 3,000 words.

You will also need to prepare custom graphics for this guest post. We do not republish pictures or graphics that are on the public domain.

As the fashion magazine covers many different topics, you can cover subjects such as travel, fashion, clothing, jewelry, culture, love and relationships, dining, tv shows and much more!

You will be sent our submission guidelines once you have placed an order. You will need to read them carefully and once your article is ready, please send it along with any custom graphics work.

Fashion Life Mag has an excellent domain authority, metrics and is a reputable and spam-free magazine that does not publish junk.


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